Monday, November 26, 2012

melancholy thought

A melancholy thought, I know, but I cannot let it go...

How does a person recover from total loss? When a man realizes that everything he has fought for, everything he has sacrificed, and everything he has thought was right, is the very thing that has shamed and endangered him, his family, even his children - what else is there for him? I've seen too many grown men cry into sleeves of ill-fitted shirts, too many men choke on their children's names. Are they wishing for death in that moment? Will they ever rebuild their honor? Will they stop their children from making the same mistakes, in a world woven with violence? These are the things I wonder about, as another tear wells in the eye of another father, or brother, or son. How, I want to know, do they reclaim themselves from this horror they have become? Will they ever find redemption in their own eyes?


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