Monday, November 26, 2012

the raven in Baghdad

I watched a raven today, while I was waiting at the bus stop after chow. He was circling above me, with dozens of others - a storytelling, I think it's called, as opposed to a flock. Their pattern was like an infinity symbol, only with three loops instead of two. I watched his grace for several minutes, while somebody talked to me about something. I'm not being vague on purpose. I really wasn't paying attention to whoever it was. The raven was much more interesting. His calm is what fascinated me, I think. He had no hurry, no impatience, no need, even, for patience, because time stood still for his flight. He had no stress, no concern. He had his Will, nothing else, but he did not lack. I closed my thoughts to all else, letting the sounds and sights surrounding me fade away. For a moment, I felt blessed emptiness.

The bus came, and we all shuffled on, to head back to work. We packed in like sardines, but my mind was alone in its thoughts, and I felt peace in the midst of this war.


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