Monday, November 26, 2012

three little words

three little words... Overwhelming, isn't it? Strange, I think, how three little words can uproot your entire world and strike you squarely in the gut. Sometimes I think empires are toppled on three little words. They are so simple, and so brutal in their lack of frills: "I love you," "I have AIDS," I am scared," "I hate you," and "you are worthless" are some of the most powerful statements in our lives. Their power lies in their simplicity, their complete lack of nuance or deceit. These are phrases that must be taken at face value when spoken with sincerity. What do you say to these? How can you rebuttal undisguised hate? How do you respond to AIDS? How do you build your worth without sounding foolishly defensive? You don't. You simply walk away, knowing that person will never care.

These words, so simple, so innocent alone, are shattering together. Even the apparently innocuous "I love you" has the ability to shake my very core as a thought, unverbalized, when it comes unbidden, interrupting thoughts of someone so far from my hand, and so close to my heart. Is it strange, that I find the power of these words so deceptively clear? Do I even make sense to anyone not privy to my inner thoughts?

(Sept 2007)

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