Monday, November 26, 2012


Don't leave me alone with my thoughts.
They hurt me.

[I'll go wherever you will go.]
Just don't leave me alone.
The darkness creeps in,
     shadowing my edges as you pull away,
     overtaking me when you turn.
I'm not strong enough.

I know it's wrong.
I know my thoughts shouldn't hurt.
I fight them, always.
Sometimes I win. Sometimes I'm just so tired.

Sometimes the best feeling is blank.
Nothingness is better than being carved like
     Picasso's sculpture;
the blade of memories knows exactly where to slice,
     again and again.

I'm not lost.
I know what's happening here.
Some days I can corner it, cage it in a little box
      in the bottom of my mind.
Some days I'm too dizzy and
     I can't find the key.

I need a little help.
Just hold me up.
Don't leave me alone.

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